St. Francis School enforces the creation of an educational community where staff, students and parents work intensively, committing themselves to transmit and model values such as friendship, respect for oneself and others, responsibility, solidarity and care for the environment.

By challenging them intellectually, respecting their singularity and emotional development and catering for their multiple intelligences, our students will acquire a thorough education in excellence which will enable them to be successful both in their personal and professional lives.




At St. Francis School we put forward different strategies for the acquisition of knowledge fostering varied modalities for our students to interact amongst themselves and the surrounding environment.

We believe our students have “unique blend of intelligences”(*) which they put forward in order to learn, memorize, work with and comprehend concepts. Thus, the learning process should lead each and every student to develop to full capacity all those potentialities they were born with, not only intellectual but also emotional and ethical.


Our strategies are introduced constantly in order to have a pleasant learning experience. We promote the use of LEARNING CENTRES. Based on the assumption that justifies a developmental approach - where the child builds up his own knowledge- to the education of young children, it appears that the only possible environment where this can prosper is one that is creative, individualized, stimulating and experimental.


Learning centres are carefully designed areas that contain a variety of learning activities and materials drawn from the classroom's basic skills program and from the themes and units being pursued.  In them, children can manipulate objects, engage in conversation, and role-playing, and what is most important, learn at their own level.


Learning centres experiences can be adapted to the individual child's learning styles, ability, maturity, experience and interest and are an ideal way to blend in multiple intelligences into the kids work. Each child can work at its own pace, with materials designed to meet their particular needs or level of learning - of course this requires a careful planning and construction of materials.


(*)Howard Gardner defines intelligence as the capacity to solve problem by creating solutions that are valuable for own and other culture.



St. Francis School aims at becoming a high quality educational centre, having as a goal “to know more, do more, and strive to achieve excellence while taking into account common welfare to achieve an integral formation immersed in the 21st century society”.

The family, being the primary source of education, is the fundamental supporting pillar to achieve our goals.

We offer an education centred in values enhancing personal, social and cultural commitment by creating a communion between school, family and society. These values are mainly truthfulness, solidarity, respect, equity, justice, tolerance and giving one’s personal best.

We strive for the development of the person in all its dimensions: intellectual, psychosocial, spiritual, affective, and physical.

We will develop in each of our students their critical and reflexive thinking which will enable them to distinguish, choose, and commit to our culture and the reality they are immersed in.

We provide a personalized education which will empower our students to maximize their intellectual potential, respecting their own capacities, developing their strengths and working on their weaknesses.

The learning of English as a Second Language is in response to the social, working and professional demands of the 21st century society.

Our teaching is given within a meaningful context related to the world of politics, culture, technology, sciences and the Arts our students are immersed in.

The development of our students’ creativity is a MUST to develop their talents which are maximized through workshops such as Drama, Art, Music, Sciences, Technology.

Physical activities and sports which enhance a healthy life and values, have an important role in the whole instruction of our students.

Staff is recruited accordingly to the high level of education the school wants to achieve, thus, enforcing a continuous professional development. All human resources at school aim at having a joyful, secure environment.

Our project emphasizes on having a modern, functional and secure infrastructure, yet harmonious with the surroundings.




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